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John L. Terry, III  - TNT Ministries, Inc.
Executive Director, The John Maxwell Team

John Maxwell says, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”  In the church world, the ability to effectively lead others is essential to virtually every element of growing a vibrant community of believers.  Leadership training in a church takes on many forms:

• Pastoral Staff

• Executive Team (Elders, Deacons, Trustees)

• Sunday School / Small Group Leaders

• Volunteer Ministry Coordinators

• Evangelism, Missions & Outreach Teams

In 2014, John Maxwell was named the most influential leadership expert by Business Insider and Inc. Magazines.  Grace Global Alliance offers leadership training through John Terry, an Executive  Director and certified coach, speaker and trainer with the The John Maxwell Team.  John has experience as a senior pastor, executive pastor, youth pastor, college & career pastor, and has more than a decade of experience as a mentor and a coach.  

John is also a Master Coach & Trainer with Real Life Management.  Through RLM, John teaches communication and effective decision making, as well as helping individuals and families understand how our “attitude” can get in the way of making good choices when it comes to relationships, food and money. He is also an author, motivational speaker and has nearly three decades of experience in the financial services arena helping individuals and families make wise financial choices based on Biblical stewardship principles.