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Allen Hargis, CPA, RICP    Hargis & Stevens CPAs

Allen Hargis is a Certified Public Accountant with over 30 years of experience in Public Accounting, specializing in Individual and clergy taxation. Allen began to work on tax strategies for the Clergy over 20 years ago, and transitioned to a specialized practice in this area in 2014. As a strategic planner, Allen is expert at developing strategies to help clients keep more of their hard-earned dollars. Other services he provides include Financial Management and Risk Mitigation through effective use of insurance products and other security products. Allen is noted for his ability at simplifying complex tax and financial concepts and presenting them to clients in easy to understand terms.

As part of his accounting practice, Allen has always worked with the Clergy, assisting them with their tax, financial management and, retirement and estate planning strategies. During the last 20 years, he’s become an expert in this area and has helping both active and retired Ministers utilize the unique tax codes and advantages available to them. He’s been able to minimize their tax liabilities through strategies including income deferment, effective categorization of housing allowances and survivor benefits. He understands a Clergy’s dual employee status as both an employee of the church as well as being self-employed and can guide them through the complex requirements for properly filing their taxes and taking advantage of all the itemized deductions they are entitled to.